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AWS vs Azure, vs Google Cloud: Which Cloud Platform Should You Choose

AWS vs Azure, vs Google Cloud: Which Cloud Platform Should You Choose

In the last few years, the public cloud computing industry has seen a fierce battle. There are many players in this sector, but AWS and Azure are the big three cloud computing services. AWS is the dominant player, but other players are quickly catching up with its standards of service and technology.
You may first think of checking out the features of a cloud service if you are looking for an exceptional one. There are many things that go into making a cloud service successful for your business. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of AWS vs Azure and GoogleCloud.
AWS vs Google Cloud vs Azure: Overview
Let’s first take a look at the history and capabilities of each platform.
Amazon’s cloud platform AWS was introduced in 2006, making it the first such service. It leads in terms of market share, customer portfolio, and market share. It is a benchmark in cloud services.
AWS Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), which includes computing, database storage, storage, networking, and networking, is offered by AWS. Flexible data collection is possible through serverless services such as AWS Lambda Functions or Amazon Kinesis Streams. Companies have a variety of options: operating system, database and programming languages, as well as a web application platform.
AWS is the most advanced and feature-rich cloud platform. Although it has been a market leader in cloud computing for more than a decade now, its share has fallen in recent years.
Microsoft Azure
Azure entered the cloud services market in 2010 much later than expected. They took the time to differentiate themselves from AWS, Google Cloud, and others in the cloud services market.
Azure focuses on software and platform first, rather than infrastructure like AWS. The platform was built to manage multiple services and applications. Azure also offers performance and computing services, as well as database and networking services. It is supported by a large network of Microsoft datacenters that help offer Zone Redundant Storage in multiple regions.
Initial services were provided to developers, but the brand expanded to IaaS. Microsoft Azure has more power and capabilities for enterprise development.
Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
Google Cloud was launched in 2008, two year after AWS. It is small and medium-sized business friendly with affordable pricing for a variety of services.
It provides Big Data, analytics, machine-learning (ML), load balancing, and scaling. It uses full-scale encryption for data transfer and communication between data centres. It is comparable to AWS and Azure in terms of pricing, privacy security, and ML. Despite the fact that there are not many services, GCP offers one of the most powerful capabilities for mobile app development.
Google Cloud excels in cost-efficiency. All three platforms offer significant discounts for a one year commitment, but GCP also offers sustained user discounts. These discounts result in greater cost savings for businesses.
AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud: Features
Each service offers a variety of features, but we’re focusing on six key ones to help you compare cloud services.


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