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7 Tips to Pass the Microsoft Certification Exam

IT professionals have more career options than ever, with a multitude of platforms and domains to choose from that will complement your career and help you achieve your professional goals. Microsoft is a major tech company with industry-leading platforms, technologies and brands.
You can prove your technical skills and knowledge by passing the Microsoft certification exams. It demonstrates that you are proficient in Microsoft’s technical tools and critical applications.
According to Microsoft, certified professionals are:
You will be hired quicker and more often than non-certified candidates.
You will be given great opportunities and responsibilities to help you grow your career.
You will be able to understand technologies better, work more efficiently, and achieve superior results.
An average annual income of $80,000
The Rise of the Cloud
In the coming years, especially the next decade, more businesses will move their physical infrastructure and services to a cloud platform. Gartner estimates that cloud solutions are more popular than ever with users spending an average of $304.9 billion, which has increased by 15% since 2020.
This growth indicates a growing demand for IT professionals, such as certified engineers, to implement, design, and maintain Microsoft’s cloud solutions. Microsoft is today a leading cloud solution provider, providing enterprises with platforms such as Office and Azure.
Microsoft Azure is a top cloud platform that reports a 50% quarterly revenue growth. We have some tips for Microsoft certification exam preparation to help you pass your exam quickly and earn a credential to any Microsoft solution.
How to Pass Microsoft Certification Exams
1. Make a study plan:
If you have some structure, studying might not seem so difficult. You can also create a schedule for your studies and prioritize the hours you spend studying. You should take the time to observe when your brain is most active and when you are able to understand and learn best. This could be at night or when there are no distractions or when your children are at school. You will find your window and stick to it as closely as you can.
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2. Learn the objectives and topics of the exam.
Microsoft certification and training exams are extremely detailed. This is something you should understand. These exams are difficult for even the most experienced working professionals. Each Microsoft certification exam requires preparation and planning. You won’t pass if you just guess the answers.
Although it is impossible to know the exact question papers, you can prepare for them by learning the goals and objectives of each exam. Microsoft provides detailed exam descriptions before each exam, with the goals and objectives. Some sub-objectives also list the skills that are required for proper preparation.
3. Use only authentic preparation materials and study materials
Microsoft approved study resources are the best way to prepare for certification courses. Microsoft publishes many resources and practices, as well as free resources on Youtube and other platforms.
However, public resources can be manipulated. Koenig is a Microsoft training partner and can access all the official Microsoft courses that Microsoft releases. Koenig can prepare you for role-based certifications like SQL Server, Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365.
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4. When you prepare, take lots of notes.
It is better not to overlook any important detail. No matter what M


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